Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mrs T defends the kitchen

Once more, my North Walian correspondent grasps the nettle.

Dear Mrs Lawson, she writes, I am with you, dear. I find those TV chefs totally divulged from reality. Clearly they never had to feed a family for a week on scrag end or beg the butcher to leave the eyes in the sheep's head so it would see us through the week.
Not that I am against erotic fare like kiwi fruit or rocket salad. No, I am all for adventure in the kitchen, something I learned from the late Mr Trellis, whose motto was always "Surprise me!" I tried to meet his appetite for the unexpected, though he lost his enthusiasm for culinary adventure after the time I served him Mexican jumping baked beans on toast.
You know, Mrs Lawson, I think it is up to the likes of you and me to provide an alternation to all this television shrubbery. Let's offer a few realistic dishes that people can truly expatiate. I am thinking of dishes like Welsh Rabbit. so easy to make: burn two pieces of bread in the toaster, scrape, add crumbly cheese, put under the grill until cheese has totally melted into the dish, remove, pile up on the toast and serve with humility.
PS I don't wish to be indelicate, but: are your unowots REAL?

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