Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's be graceful

My three American grandchildren say grace before each meal. And I - an old heathen - totally approve. We lead such rich lives that it is important to say thank you to someone beyond us. So, my munchkins and I say grace before each meal, followed by a grace after the meal is over. The preprandial grace is "Benedicus benedicat" and the postprandial grace is "Benedicus benedixit."
What heartens me is that, despite the disappearance of Latin from our and their education system, they KNOW what the words mean.
Wait till I get there for Thanksgiving: I am going to hit them with the following:
Benedic Domine nos et haec tua Dona quae de Bonitate tua sumpturi sumus.
That should put the stuffing in the turkey.

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