Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last orders

And it came to pass that the guys got a good table at the local trattoria , and they ordered the honestest fare and the purest wine thereof. And noshed they, each according to his appetite, which in most cases was considerable.
And the sommelier passed amongst them pouring honest wine from a pitcher, saying: "Get this down thee, for it is a drop of the good stuff, no rubbish, not available in thy local Tesco's."
And they partook heartily of the food and they partook indulgently of the wine, and they knew, each according to his meed, that they were on to a good thing.
And, the moment being propitious, the Master spake, saying to each in turn: "Matthew, take wine with me. Peter, take wine with me, Simon, take wine with me, " and so on, and they each quaffedeth in turn until he reachedeth the twelfth member of the group. And he sighed deeply and raisedeth his glass and saideth: "Judas, thou art a real putz, for thou wilt betray me ere the cock croweth thrice."
And Judas frownedeth and repliedeth: "Hey, don't pick on me just because your're pissed."

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