Friday, May 11, 2007

Capricious chicken

If America is a melting pot, California is a meltdown pot, at least judging by my experience this evening. I went to a local pizza house that has a restaurant in back. The owners are Iraqi Chaldean Christians, the food is approximately Italian, the waitress who served me was Bolivian. There was a huge TV screen at the far end of the room playing what I took to be American basketball (enormous black men with small heads, is that a requirement?). And the live music was, wait for it: Irish folk - a scratchy violin played by a scratchy lady, accompanied by a guitarist who looked as if he wished he was back in Connemara.I had Pollo Capriccioso, which turned out to be bits of tasty chicken capriciously hiding under a mountain of spaghetti.
That's how it is with your true Chaldean.

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