Friday, May 11, 2007

Wilson's Warbler

North America has a slather of warblers (genus Dendroica) that are basically bright canary yellow. They are about the size of our Willow Warblers, and behave in a similar way, that is, they are leaf gleaners. My favourite (favorite?) is Wilson's Warbler, mostly because I love its yarmulka, that kipa-like black cap that is so reminiscent of the skullcap worn by Jews and the Pope, who is kind of Jewish by descent.
It's a smashing little bird, as restless as a Goldcrest as it flits through the foliage of the Black Acacia in search of insects. There are other dendroicas up there too, mostly the sensibly-named Yellow Warbler, but after a while, I stop trying to identify them all. I just take another sip of the grapejuice and thank God for the great job he did when he decided to sprinkle the planet with birds.

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