Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mrs Trellis supports Total Abstinence

Dear President Putin, she writes, I find it odd that you should be hanging upside-down bottles in your backyard. Is it to symbolise your disapproval of the amount of bootleg vodka your compatriots put away of an evening? If so, you have my full support, even if you are an ex-Bullshievist and by all accounts a nasty piece of work when your dander is up. No offence.

Alcohol has been the ruin of many a good person, as witness this Scrote creature, who is clearly drunk when she writes her pieces, otherwise they would make sense. I am sure it would do her good if you were to hang HER upside down next to your empty vodka bottles, making sure she was in modest garb of course.

As to intoxicides, the late Mr Trellis was a confirmed Rechabite, thank goodness, and never allowed the demon drink to pass his lips, except for a large medicinal brandy when his tummy was out of sorts, which it was most evenings.

If you and Mrs P are ever in North Wales, please call by and I will try to make you feel at home with a soup of boiled cabbage, kulaks and rolled oats, although if you don't mind, I won't eat it myself, my constitution being very delicate following my recent abominable operation.

Yours respectably
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow, Retired

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