Thursday, May 10, 2007

Santa Ana

I am in the middle of a Santa Ana, and trying to understand how it works. When I was in Switzerland, I experienced the equivalent, the Voehn, and didn't really understand that either. In Libya, I nearly melted under their equivalent, the Gibeli, which just means the south wind.
Wind come from south, desert area, which mean plenty hot wind melt white man brain etc. It - wind not brain - climb over mountain range, increase pressure - or something like that.
By the time the wind reaches you on the other side of the mountain, it is hot enough to roast the rowlocks off a reindeer.Under the Voehn, people get ratty, suicidal, the number of road accidents increases.
Here, under the Californian Santa Ana, I am taking no chances: I am spending my time in the back garden in the shade of a Black Acacia, working my way through the products of the Napa Valley vineyards. When it comes to meteorological phenomena, I am real cool.


prairie mary said...

Oh I see now. Mrs. Trivet didn't absconde with you, you've just been en croute.

We have the Chinook wind here but it has nothing to do with China. Very good in winter. Either catabatic or catabolic or anabaptist -- I can never remember.

Prairie Mary

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, you're in California, Jake. I can almost see you from here.

The Santa Anas are amazing. Napa is lovely. Do enjoy your visit to our part of the world.

Also, have you heard anything of ~d lately? I have written to her blog and her e-mail several times but received no response, which worries me.

Old Scrote said...

I have heard nothing of d. Her last posting, worryingly, said she was unwell. Let me know if you hear from her.
Yes, I am here in San Diego with my daughter and my three American grandchildren, patiently trying to teach them British English. Not really, but Sophie can sound just like Queen Elizabeth when she wants to (I mean the monarch, not the liner).