Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Anglian Water: an unexpected response

I received the following email from a Mr Smith of Anglian Water, and have his permission to reproduce it here. And you lot thought my only correspondent was Mrs Trellis!

Dear Mr Allsop (Dear Mr Old Scrote didn’t sound quite right, I’m afraid),

I was very interested to read your blog and heartened by how much you value the basic services that so many people - understandably - take for granted. At nearly two tonnes of water for the cost of a high street cappuccino (50 glasses for a penny), it is not surprising that so many people do.
You are absolutely right - many people have to walk miles to collect water that isn't fit to drink, which is why we support the work of WaterAid. With our customers' help we raised more than £180,000 last year.
You say that prices have shot up, well actually if you take away inflation, average household bills are actually lower now than they were in 1993/4. Whatever the price, our aim is to use the income we get from our customers' bills as wisely as possible to maintain a reliable service (not forgetting wastewater) but also tackle the particular challenges in our region of very low rainfall, rapid growth and the impact of climate change. Oh, and we also have lots of environmental initiatives.
If you're interested in finding out more, please see our community and environment report on our website:

You may also be interested to read about our long-term plans, which all water companies have published this year for the first time.


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