Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another day, another warm glow

There are naughty people called "fly tippers" who tip their rubbish on the edge of fen droves. It's illegal, of course, but it's hard to catch the blighters. I hate their selfish antisocial ways, but I was grateful to whoever tipped an old bedside cabinet on the footpath near where I live. The shell of it was the perfect size for an indoor Barn Owl box; it just needed to have a front and a base added to it.
The main drawer of the cabinet was also pressed into service with the addition of a back and a half-front, turning it into a Kestrel box (or possibly Stock Dove, whichever finds it first).
Today, David H, bless his cotton socks, gave me a hand to check two Long-eared Owl nest baskets that we had put up in NineAcre Wood last winter. Result: one empty, the other used by pigeons. Never mind, it's all speculative stuff. We also improved the security of a Little Owl nestbox by strapping it to the trunk of the tree.
And as a reward for our virtuous deeds, we were treated to excellent views of a gorgeous adult male Hen Harrier quartering North Fen.
God's in His Heaven,
All's right with the World.

Including some fly tippers.

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