Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today, with my best friend Clare's help, I finished making a Kestrel Nestbox. It is a beautiful box, almost, and is sadolined to protect it from the elements.
If I were a lady Kestrel, I would be in there like a shot, measuring for curtains, deciding where to put the three-piece suite and the Welsh dresser and thinking about a suitable housename. And then I would perch on the perch, primp my feathers and set my cap at the next handsome male Kezzie to fly past.
I have promised Clare that if we get a family of Kestrels in there this summer, she shall have the privilege of holding one of the chicks in her hands. Baby Kestrels are drop-dead gorgeous: grey-white fluffy down and opaque blue eyes. Well, you know me and babies: can't seem to get enough of them.
PS My box is nicer than the one in the picture.

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