Monday, February 18, 2008

Anne Frank the Musical

Anne Frank the Musical
Why not? It's a good story. Pretty girl, loving family, lots of tension, dies of typhoid in a Nazi Vernichtungslager. Nice location too, Amsterdam, even if it is only an attic in a tall thin house.

For any theatrical entrepreneurs looking for themes, I offer the following:

Al Fayed Follies
Glam princess gets topped in tunnel, Pa-in-law kills everyone in sight. Archbishop of Canterbury calls for understanding of parental grief, specially if it's semitic.

Burmese Days
Lots of people in colourful costumes going up in smoke. Mega-spectacle. Slim woman under house arrest finally burned alive, nice tits, good crowd chorus. Archbishop of Canterbury calls for understanding of fatalistic element in oriental cultures.

Twin Towers Extravaganza on Ice
Thrill to the spectacle of people jumping to their deaths from burning buildings. Poignant death scene of fireman throwing child to safety before succumbing to fumes. Grand Ice Meltdown finale. Archbishop of Canterbury asks for sympathetic appreciation of legitimate Islamist grievances.

Thomas a Becket the Musical
Operatic treatment of bloody murder of troublesome prelate. (I'm still working on this one. Be patient).

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