Friday, February 01, 2008

A letter to the Vatican

Mrs T catching up with the latest lack of developments
Dear Pope Benedict th Whatevereth
, she writes, your recent postings seem tortured, if I may say so, but I suppose that's normal for you, you being a papist and a lapsed hitlerjugend person and all. But I am not condemning you: they had really sexy uniforms, didn't they? Your Blessedness, even though as a Primitive Methodist, I ought to be cursing, etc. I accept that you have a job to do just like everyone else, although I imagine you are technically retired and on an old age pension like me.
One thing intrigues me - forgive me, it's the Welsh in me - did you ever, you know, pine for a woman's caress? No need to answer, of course, but if you are ever in North Wales, I can promise you a rabbit stew that will curl the papal hairs on the papal chest.
Yours episcopally
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow, retired

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