Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cup runneth over

Today, in the company of the indefatigable PW, I did my bit for the planet.
* We put up one Barn Owl box and repaired/improved two others.
* We checked out two boxes put up by friend DH, and marvelled at his nigh-on perfect erection.
* We discovered two hitherto unknown boxes and made contact with the owners with a view to making the boxes, if not the owners, more attractive to owls.
* We arranged with another landowner to put up a box in his barn where owls had been seen. He giggled, but that's cool. Better than seeing us off with a twelve-bore.
*We surveyed a site to advise on suitable locations for two boxes for Barn Owls and one for Kestrels.
We would also have erected the Kestrel box I made earlier this week except that the Sadolin was still not dry. So, that's a job for next Tuesday.

I am telling you this so you will not think of me as just an old scrote obsessed with tractors.

PS My thanks to Prairie Mary for sending me a "Hooters" Calendar: twelve glorious pictures of seriously beautiful American hooters. My cup runneth over, or would do if I didn't keep my lip on the rim. Jeeves, pass the Merlot...

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