Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner Party

Accepting the wonderful Maureen Box's challenge, which ten people would you invite to a dinner party?
Oh my, what a challenge! The last time I saw this conceit, it concerned historical figures, which I could do much more easily, but ok, I will accept the challenge and go for contemporary figures.
Nigella Lawson, and I don't even propose to say why. OK, I might steal a few recipes. Yep.
Stephen Fry, the wittiest man around today. And I know I am safe: is he going to proposition a 72 year old guy with a prostate problem?!
Claire Short, amazingly antediluvian socialist, ugly as sin, but full of passion. Could cause the dinner party to disintegrate, but what the hell?
Barbara Windsor, bubbly as ever, despite the sagging, would keep any social gathering up and running.
David Attenborough, a man who for me can do no wrong. Sociable, knowledgeable, caring, anecdotal, god knows what he will make of my other guests.
Charlie Dimmock, a feisty lady with a contempt for bras which has influenced a whole generation of gardeners.
Angus Deayton, just because he is witty and I still feel sorry about the way the BBC dumped him (though I appreciate that they had no choice, naughty boy).
Patrick Moore, because I don't understand a word he says, and I love his misogyny (He has got to be on someone's hitlist!)
K D Lang, because it's important to get a lesbian perspective on world events. Isn't it?
Mrs Trellis. Go figure, as our American cousins say.

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