Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And the historical guest list.....

Oh, bugger that, let me invite ten historical figures. Let's have a seriously BLOODY dinner party!
Fermat. You bastard! Explain that marginal note! You made it sound SO simple!
Pascal. "Cogito ergo cum"? What about the opposite? "Non cogito, ego..........." what?
Schroedinger. I really think you should get a life. I hope you get laid at my dinner party.
Florence Nightingale. Believe me, Florence, there are some flagging members here that desperately need you healing touch.
Praxiteles. If I give you the dynamite, will you help me blow up the town centres of most of the towns in England. And then re-design them so that they are for PEOPLE?
Deborah Meaden. You might not know who she is - she is one of the dragons in the Dragon's Den- but I have fallen in love with her calves. She is also devastatingly CLEVER. Oh god, she's not even dead yet. Damn
Dante Alighieri: there are so many parts of the Divina Commedia (ok, like everyone else, I only read L'Inferno) that I would like to squeeze in a couple of questions. For example, what is this about "fare le fiche" and that line "To, Dio, che a te le squadro!"
Adolf Hitler. No, seriously, somebody needs to talk to this guy. Evil? Too simplistic? Anal retentive? Spare me. What made this guy tick? I really want to know.
Samuel Johnson: what a curmudgeon. The original "grumpy old man", but a fund of information. Let him in.
John Donne. Come on, man, you started out shagging everything in sight, and ended up going all metaphsysical on us. Give us the full SP, you old goat!

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Annie T AKA Agnes Mildew said...

Wasn't it Déscartes who coined Cogito Ergo Sum? I'd just like to say to him (at your dinner party - and may we have the cheese on toast over the moussaka?) I think therefore I am; I'm pink therefore I'm Spam. Always wanted to say that to an intellectual. They probably wouldn't get it, though. Too intellectual...

Thanks for dropping by the blog. I have, in turn, thoroughly enjoyed your observations.