Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It worked!

Let me ask you a question. Do you know how the internet works? Do you know who runs it? Who owns it? Come to that, do you know how a tumble dryer works? Or an electric kettle? Or a telephone?
Bugger, I don't even know how a can opener works. I have a serious dependency issue here.
All this because I can't get online right now, or to be more precise, I can get online, but I cannot access anything on the internet: no emails, no google, no blog, just a little fricking hour glass icon followed by the usual dreaded message: "You must be joking, you loser!", or worms to that effect.
Today, clearing out a drawer in my desk, I found a pencil with "Wrekin Brewery Ltd, Wellington, Salop" written on it. That was the firm my father worked for from about 1938 till he retired in 1955. It's a piece of history, and a family memento, but, more to the point, the bloody thing still works.
I could write my memoirs with that pencil, if I had any memoirs to write.
Which is more than can be said for my broadband provider, or yahoo, or google, at this moment.
If you give me your snailmail address, I might well continue this blog in Victorian copperplate, using, of course, my dad's trusty Wrekin Brewery pencil.
Now, let's see if I can get online and publish this.....

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