Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mrs T approves

If you don't have your finger on the pulse, don't worry, because my North Walian correspondent's finger is right where it needs to be.

Dear Barak Obama,
she writes, I truly appeciated your piece about treasuring toys from your childhood. It is a sign of your maturity, even though you have foolishly brought Rhodesia (or whatever you call it now) to its knees.
I am sure it is not easy being black, any more than it is easy being Welsh, but at least you still have your teddy bear to comfort you nights.

I am not political, but I am very glad you didn't choose that Hillary Clitoris person as your running mate - she is too abraded in my view.
Pity you couldn't have got that Sarah Palin person: she seems very suitable to rule the world, though it is not clear yet if she goes to bed with a teddy bear between her thighs.
Yours amicably
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow, uncommitted.

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