Saturday, November 08, 2008

To sleep, perchance to bloody dream

I know He's busy, Gabriel, but I wonder if you would intercede for me, to ask Him a Favour? It's about my dreams, you see. I have always been grateful for the dreams involving Margaret Lockwood as the Wicked Lady, but I haven't had one of those for many a long barren year. Instead, I am plagued, PLAGUED, with anxiety dreams. The settings are few and stark:
- railway stations,
- the centres of foreign cities
- hotels.
(Oh yes, and loos, but that's indelicate, usually a signal from my bladder that it is time to point percy at the porcelain again, regardless of the hour)/
So, I am trying to catch a train, but I can't find the ticket office, and I don't know which train I need.
Or I am trying to find my way back to my hotel in a strange city, and can't find the way. In fact, I always end up in a rural area with lots of mud.
Or I am trying to find my room in a hotel, but I can't find the room, or indeed the key to the room.
Worst of all, I have recurring dreams about my years in Academe, mostly but not exclusively Eurocentres. I am late for class, or I don't know my timetable, or I am a teacher in a school but nobody recognises me.
I really don't want to bother Him, but if he can't fix me up with Margaret Lockwood, could He at least spare me all this Insecurity crap? And if you get the chance, tell Him I would settle for Sandra Bullock if ML, being seriously dead, is no longer available.

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