Thursday, November 27, 2008

Upper Left Five

Two nights ago - please don't tell my children, who do not know about my addiction to junk food - I was working on the second slice from a mini pepperoni pizza, when I thought: "Bugger, this pizza has pieces of bone in it! Last time I buy pizzas from Joe Tesco". ButI quickly realised that the bones were in fact fragments from the filling of UL5. So, for the THIRD time, the temporary fillings in UL5 had come adrift.
So, today, my dentist filed down the tooth to keep it free of contact with Lower Left 5, repacked it with antibiotic filling, and then put a temporary cap on it. It will take dynamite now to shift it.
The thing is this, amici miei: I only have the one life and the one set of teeth, so, crooked as they may be, and recalcitrant as Upper Left 5 may be, I am committed to throwing money at them till they settle down and agree to keep chomping.
And I pray that you never find bones in your pizza.

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