Sunday, November 23, 2008

What economic crisis?

Where on earth did all this gloom come from?
Misfortune, so far, seems to have passed me by. On the contrary, a few good things have happened: I just received several Premium Bond wins, a tax refund, a winter fuel allowance (you gotta be OLD to get that), and even British Telecom gave me £17 back when I left them for TalkTalk.
OK, so my house is worth maybe 20% less than it was a few months ago, but as I ain't selling it, it's just a paper value.
Unemployment? Hell, I have been practising unemployment for years now.
So, as far as the Old Scrote is concerned, God's in his Heaven and all's right with the World.
Yes, I accept that a lot of people are headed for difficulties, but we have this Gordon Brown person who is going to make everything ok again.
So, let's get the cork out of another bottle and celebrate the fact that we ain't dead yet! Not by a long chalk. I hope.

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