Friday, January 30, 2009

Flytipping Bastards

This morning, a woman with a black labrador stopped me in the road (The dog takes no further part in this anecdote) and told me that someone had dumped a whole load of rubbish in the drove (lane) which runs close to my house.
The rubbish included:
- a sofa
- an armchair
- a television set
- other assorted household implements
- several plastic sacks filled with goodness knows what.
- all kinds of cardboard boxes and similar detritus.

All the smaller items could have been taken to our local landfill site, which is no more than a mile from here.
All the larger items could have been collected by the municipal waste disposal department, all it takes is a phonecall.
So, my question is: why do people do this?
No, my question is: why don't we find and shoot the people who do this?
This kind of "fly tipping", which sadly is very common in the fens, can only be done by people who have no respect for the environment, and definitely no respect for their fellow-citizens. In other words, they have forfeited the right to be regarded as citizens, which is why I think we should shoot them.
I appreciate that this is not a sustainable opinion, unless you happen to be an Old Scrote like me. It is the privilege of Old Scrotes to have outrageous opinions, and I do recognise that it is the duty of the rest of you to ignore us.
Question: if you don't shoot these flytipping bastards, what is YOUR remedy?


HGJones said...

Shooting is too good for the scum, Lets chain them up in the middle of a landfill site and leave 'em to rot. The might then at least feed a few good honest clean living rodents

Old Scrote said...

Wow! Your reference tov chaining them made me think of the old practice of putting people in the "stocks". Maybe we should revive that.
Hell no, you are right. Let's biodegrade them!