Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mrs T's floral tribute

It's good to know that my correspondent from the Principality is still banging the rocks. She writes:-
Dear Mrs Bush - or may I call you Laura, I feel I know you so well? - I was very moved by your husband's little piece, I mean, his obvious pride in his periwinkle. I assume you will take some cuttings with you now that you have had to let your house in Washington to that Obama person. He doesn't look much like a gardener to me, dear, let alone a periwinkle lover.
Men, I am sure you will agree, need a hobby, otherwise they can "stray" so easily, can't they? Luckily, Mr Trellis, my late husband, had a hobby that absorb him totally. He used to lock himself in his "den", bless him, and play Wagner on his Pfafner gramophone, and then emerge pale and trembling, muttering about the Valkeries, whatever they were.
Well, I must let you get on. I hope your husband keeps his hand in, as I am sure you do. If you are ever in Llanfairpg, do call in and I will let you fondle my begonia.

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