Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's hear it for Tyto alba!

The winter fens were at their best today: cold but dry, an altocumulus sky, good light and not too much wind. My colleague Peter and I had a late start, but we still managed to tick a few more items off our Winter Work List.
For example, we checked a box only put up last autumn, and were pleased to find evidence of occupancy (a fresh wet pellet). We visited a farm where we had advised on where to put boxes, and were delighted to see two boxes on poles, one of which already showed signs of occupancy. And we erected a new indoor box in a barn on another farmer's land.
Erecting a box doesn't sound like much, but every erection is different. Some boxes go on beams, some are set on brackets on side walls, some rest on cross-joists, and so on. This one was special. We had to drill holes through corrugated iron, two battens and the side of the box. Two bolts then held the box perfectly. We were well pleased.
OK, compared to winning the war against terrorism, solving the world financial crisis and finding a cure for melancholy, what we did today is no great shakes. But it's something we can achieve, unlike trying to tackle the three problems I just listed.
And now, in the glow of a warm evening after a good day, it's time for a glass of the good stuff. Cheers!

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