Sunday, January 11, 2009

News from the Principality

It's always a joy (?) to receive a missive from the unpredictable Mrs Trellis.
Dear Mrs Cameron, she writes, I don't blame you for wanting to be the next Prime Minister - it's time we had another woman anyway - but I do think you are going about it the wrong way. I mean CYCLING to work! A person of your calibration ought to be in a posh car, like that man John Prestock used to. I mean, you wouldn't see Her Majesty on a bike, would you? So, a little dignity, please.
Also, I think you should stop writing about animals, unless you intend to eat them. Anyway, apart from your bicycle clips, you are clearly a nice person and if you are ever in Llanfairpg, I will happily roast a druid in your honour.

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