Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Occlusal disharmony

Bugger, I never thought I would suffer from Occlusal Disharmony. In fact I had never even heard of it till this morning, when I visited my dentist with yet another tooth-breakdown.
It turns out that the disappearance of one tooth - in this case into a lump of Brie - can put the other teeth out of position, so that they no longer fit perfectly. It's as if some of your teeth have suddenly grown protrusions. And then it's like your teeth don't "fit" any more, and you are into occlusal disharmony.
What worries me is that the repaired tooth may not be "proud" enough, because some of my upper teeth are definitely not being friendly with their lower brethren.

I don't mind a good hard grind, but this is not quite what I had in mind.

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