Friday, April 27, 2007

Trellis on public hair

Mrs Trellis is immediately on the case:
Dear Alan Titchmarsh, she writes, I admire the way you are not afraid to tackle controversial subjects like ladies' public hair, and it must make a change for you from talking about fertiliser and old castles.
I like to think that I am a liberated woman, even being Welsh and a Methodist, so I thought long and hard about what you said. and decided, although being liberated etc, that talking about women's body hair was not my kind of subject. Specially as I only use tweezers. So, do you mind if we talk about gardening instead? I have to say that my bush is in need of a good trim. [giggles] No, I really shouldn't...!
Yours, Mrs B Trellis, etc

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Mary said...

Mrs. Trellis, I demand to know what you've done with the Old Scrote! He was going along perfectly fine talking about eggs and ladies and so on, then all of a sudden he mentioned female human mammalian characteristics (complete with diagram) and goes off the air. Have you suppressed him the same way you did Don Imus?

Prairie Mary