Sunday, September 02, 2007

Abuse of the uvula

I wish to declare war on the glottal stop. Things are not ge''in' be''er, they are going from bad to Estuary English worse.
Don't misunderstand me. My heart soars every time a BBC announcer manages to say Law'and'Order rather than LauraNorder. That is legitimate. And I am happy for Arabic speakers that the glottal stop is a consonant in their language. After all, they don't have much going for them, apart from amazing oil revenues.
But the use of the clack (uvula) among young people is ge''ing ou'ev'and.
I appreciate that it is all about street cred, which is why I have taken to wearing a codpiece on my bi-weekly trip to Tesco's. It's grotesque. I trow, but no' as ba' as the fu''in glo''al stop.
See you in court.

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