Friday, September 21, 2007

A good day

Today has been such a good day that I am already apprehensive about tomorrow! Here is a list of the good things that happened:
1 A received a royalty cheque for £869.41 that I wasn't expecting.
2 Two plumbers turned up and repaired my faulty CH system - in about 30 minutes!
3 Keith G came by and mowed my lawns so that I could get on with....
4 ....making mega progress with THE BOOK.
5 I got ALL my laundry done and put away.
6 My dear friend E's operation for bowel cancer seems to have gone well.
7 I received a present through the post - a new frock, made in Turkey!
8 One of our farmers has FIVE Barn Owl boxes with second broods.
9 I have had two lovely conversations with other men's wives!

Now I am waiting for the other boot to drop....

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