Monday, September 10, 2007

Broccoli, and other failings

Every time I prepare broccoli, I think of my Thai counterpart, Nongyao, from years back. I have no idea why.
Every time I make cheese on toast, I remember a colleague, Jane Millar, who asked me reproachfully why I was spreading margarine on the toast.
Every time I cut the corner of a carton of milk, I remember John Morgan saying "You are just like Monique" - his wife - "you cut the hole too small."
Every time I open a boiled egg, I remember my good colleague Arthur Bowyer telling me that I am "opening the egg at the wrong end".
Every time I take my trousers off, I remember Ruth telling me what a funny way I have of performing that simple manoeuvre (remaining stiff backed and letting them drop).
Every time I take my shirt off over my head without unbuttoning it, I remember Montse telling me that this is a weird way to take off a shirt.
Every time I put ticks in boxes, I remember my colleague Roy Kingsbury telling me I was doing the ticks the wrong way round (I am left-handed).
There are many more, I won't go on. But I would really love to know how to shake off these silly memories.
Any suggestions?
PS The illustration has nothing to do with this post, but I thought you might like it anyway.


hotrodfil said...

These are not thoughts to lose, but memories to cherish.

I still put things on the shelf at a height for Kate to reach, and don't put the spoons together in the dishwasher - because they'll, well, spoon. As she told me.

Nea said...

Don't shake them off. Keep them, they're warming.

Old Scrote said...

Thank you both for putting such a positive spin on my rememberings. I also have NICE rememberings which I would not like every to forget, but these were not amongst them.
btw, Hotrodfil, I love the idea of spoons spooning! I promise to be more careful in my cutlery drawer in future.