Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wriggly Squiggly Things...

.. and wormy squirmy things...
....and floppy ploppy things... garden pond is full of them.
There are beetles and boatmen, lice and larvae, newts, nymphs and nematodes - well, you get the picture.
How do I know there are all these beasties in my pond? Because my life has been taken over by a 12-year-old who pops round from next door at regular intervals to pond-dip. I have always been in favour of pond-dipping in an abstract kind of way, but my new young friend has got me hooked on the reality. For the most part, I have no idea what I am looking at, but whatever they are, they are fascinating, specially when viewed through my 7x loupe.
One day, if I keep at it, I hope to be as good at pondlife ID as my new young friend. She is really mustard!

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