Monday, December 17, 2007

Mrs T waves to the Zulus.

Mrs Trellis, taking time off from making bara brith mince pies, adds her bit to the Christmas spirit.

Dear President Mbeki, she writes, I SO enjoyed your piece about sardines, though I think you would be better advised to eat them rather than bury them - I believe they are crammed with Omaha 3, which is very good for AIDS, etc, not that you believe in AIDS, I know, and quite right too, it only affects nancies, etc, not persons of your statuary, or Mrs Mbeki.
Mr Trellis, my late husband of beloved memorial, used to refer to himself as an ichthyophile, though luckily he was never caught actually doing it. He did, however, once win first prize in an Unusual Pet Competition with a tin of sardines, bless him.
May I be the first to wish you a very Happy Black Christmas, with lots of zulus in your Christmas stocking. And don't worry about your successor: whoever you choose, he's bound to cock it up look you, if you will pardon my Welsh.

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