Thursday, July 26, 2007

Arks and apocalypses

This morning, my colleague Peter and I were to spend the day checking more of our Barn Owl boxes, but because of the weather forecast last night, we agreed to confer this morning at 0730 hours, because, as you will understand, we don't want to put birds out in inclement weather. The weather forecast was so apocalyptic - torrential rain arriving at 0900 hours and monsooning East Anglia till 1600 hours - that we cancelled our birding day.
I couldn't sit still and do nothing: I gunned the Land Rover and sped to the timber merchants to get the wherewithal to build an Ark (Actually, it could be blasphemous to do it off your own bat without a specfic instruction from Above, but you know me - soft-hearted when it comes to animals and ready to risk the Wrath of Him Indoors to save a few pairs).

And the weather today? Apart from a few spitspots, no rain, a few sunny intervals. In fact it didn't start raining seriously till 1600 hours, the time when it was supposed to STOP. And it rained for half an hour, enough to fill a very small bucket, and it's been quite sunny ever since.

I wonder if there's any nutters on e-bay prepared to pay a decent price for an unused Ark.

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