Monday, July 23, 2007

Darling, we're rich! We can be married!

In today's post, such excitement! A letter from Denmark. Who do I know in Denmark? I open the envelope and a cheque falls out. I had forgotten that a Danish publisher wrote me about a year ago asking permission to use one of my short stories, permission which I had granted immediately on the grounds of flattery. And now, miracle of miracles, they have sent me a cheque for - as you can see - DKK 262,60. And I am like, wow. I am like, awesome. I am like, what a windfall.
Then I check the exchange rate for the noble Danish krona and that takes the steam right out of my sails. It's like ten krona to the pound, man, I mean, like, gloomsville, man.
Still, it was nice of them to want to use my short story. There are 29 more if anyone is interested, even at 262, 60 krona a throw.

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