Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gopher it!

Re the Ark I referred to earlier: my faithful correspondent P expressed surprise that I was able so easily to get hold of 300 cubits of gopher wood, and at such short notice too. Sorry, P, but if I tell you my source, who knows how many people will rush out and build an Ark, in contravention of the Don't Build a Frigging Gopher-Wood Ark Without Our Permission Act, 2001, one of Blair's more obscure bits of legislation, arks at that time being considered potential WMD's.
Any road up, thank goodness the Flood receded and I was able to recycle the timber to make eight thousand Swift nestboxes, probably the only ones in Europe to be made of gopher wood. which is not surprising seeing that nobody has a bloody clue what "gopher wood" is. This from Wikipedia:
Several guesses as to the nature of gopher wood have been made, the most common of which is the cypress. Adam Clarke, a Methodist theologian famous for his commentary on the Bible, cited the Greek word for cypress, kuparisson, and the resemblance of this word's base, kupar, to the Hebrew word gophar. Other suggestions as to the identity of the wood include pine, cedar, fir, ebony, wicker, juniper, acacia, boxwood, slimed bulrushes and resinous wood. Some dictionaries mention gopherwood as a deciduous tree with white flowers, specifically Cladrastis kentuckea, or American yellowwood; this type of gopherwood has no known relation to the material of Noah's Ark. Gopher might not be a type of wood at all and may be a type of reed, as reed boats are as ancient, if not more ancient than wooden boats.

Well, anybody can make a mistake.

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