Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Krona shmona, who needs them?

Here was me thinking it was a mechaieh, and it turns out to be a shlimazel.
A banker friend of mine has told me that it might cost me about ten of the Queen's best to cash that Danish cheque, so I think I'll frame it instead and hang it in my loo to comfort visitors in their hour of need.
A propos, the last time I visited Denmark (on business), I dealt with a fine lady called Sara Russel, and over a pleasant dinner (she was a stunning blonde lady, aren't they all?) revealed that she was a lesbian, in a steady relationship with a woman lawyer.
Did you ever see the original movie about Jesse James, where the town newspaper owner said to his clerk: "Take this down: the first thing we have to do in cleaning up this town is to take out all the lawyers and shoot 'em down like dogs".
At that moment, I could sympathise with his viewpoint.

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