Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forward planning

A Merry Christmas to all my readers. And in particular:

A - F and TD? We invented it, and you are still at it. Amazing!
B - Of course I will be happy to share your 50th. Do I get a kiss at last?
C - The next time you are over from Germany, call me, you bugger, and we'll have a beer
D - Thanks for being tolerant of my idiocies and for coining the expression Old Scrote. Awesome
Jeff - Difficult to keep up with you! Keep banging the rocks, and when you come, bring the fiddle.
M - Mend your foot, man, and come clock some Norfolk birds
O&MM I only wish I could spend more time birding with you two outrageously wonderful birders
P - I am amazed you put up with me still, given that you now have to go up to all the nestboxes
P Mary - You are at the top of my book of good guys. Thanks for being there.
S - Sheila, I can't believe you read my blog, For goodness' sake, don't tell your old man
V - I hope the house move goes smoothly and you can cook raclette to your heart's content.
Z - It's going to be all right: I have it written down on a piece of paper!

To others who read my blog, I wish you a Merry Christmas too, although it's only 24 July. Still, with these floods, who knows where we'll be come Yuletide?!

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