Saturday, July 21, 2007

Drinkers and Crap

Last night, despite the threat of wind, rain and a minor earthquake in Earith, I set both my moth traps and had a suitably modest catch, consisting mostly of wasps, together with a few moths that had learned how to swim. Among their number was a moth called a Drinker, a moth for which I feel a certain affinity (see pic: big bulging middle, long snout, no pride), and a little brown job that did not fit anything exactly in the Waring-Lewington Moth Bible (Authorised Version).
So now, the exciting question is: have I caught a rarity? I have posted a photograph of it on the appropriate website (The pic is a "record photograph" which is Newspeak for a crap photo) and await the judgment of those who know about these things
Personally, from the photograph, I would simply identify it as a Dirty Brown Smudge Moth, a species new to science, but one which is very familiar to photographers.

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