Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Kelly boobs again

I received another passionate letter today from Mrs Trellis of North Wales, and reproduce it without comment.
Dear Lorraine Kelly, she writes, I am surprised you allowed the publication of that lewd photograph of a barmaid showing almost as much bosom as you do every day on television. I hope you realise that if you just showed the whole lot, they would just look like two boring lumps of fat, and a lot more men would give up and get to work on time.. So, cover up, there's a dear. Anyway, that apart, and do please try to be more modest in future, I loved your piece about Britain. It's galling to us in the Principality how we tend to be submerged, as you might say. As far as I am concerned, the great struggle against the Luftwaffe in 1941 was not the Battle of Britain: it was the Battle of Wales. They were after our Caerphilly, as I am sure you are aware. About the squirrels on your nuts, dear, maybe if you didn't display your nuts so blatantly, they wouldn't know you had any. Just a thought. Personally, I was a little surprised myself; you always seemed such a normal sort of person.

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