Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's hear it for Powergen and Anglian Water!

This morning, a man in black wellies, white hard hat and bright yellow safety jacket knocked on my door to tell me they were going to cut the electricity off for two hours while they repaired a fault. And they did, and they did, and in the meantime, it set me to thinking....
Look round and consider how much of your life is dependent on electricity: lighting, heating, cooking, washing, computer and other electronic devices. Then, after you have done that, turn on the cold water tap (faucet) and flush the toilet. Clean water to drink and to wash in, and an efficient system to get rid of your waste or "dirty" water.
I have noticed that both my electricity and my water bills have gone up astonomically in the last eighteen months. And you know something? I don't begrudge them a penny of what they charge me to keep my life safe and comfortable.
Pity the two-thirds (is it?) of the world's population who don't have either utility. We are damned lucky. Let's face it: our civilisation would (will?) crumble the day we no longer have electricity or clean water.
Oh yes, and the corkscrew.

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