Friday, January 18, 2008

More news of the Allsop Dynasty

It seems that the little buckeroo really has been registered as Alfie, well, to be accurate, Alfred Luke Allsop. I am well pleased that he should be named after a great Anglo-Saxon king, although I am relieved that his parents were unaware of the achievements of Ethelbert, Ethelred and Egbert, geschweige denn Cnut and Harald Hardrada. Can you imagine "Come in, Ethelred, you're dinner's ready!"? And everyone would, of course, shorten it to Ethel, not good for a growing lad.
So, Alfred it is, or maybe Alfie, or maybe Alf - it is one of those disappearing kind of names - and if he chooses to posh it up to Alph later on, well, nothing wrong with being named after a sacred river.

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