Monday, January 07, 2008

What's that you said?

I just thought you might like to know about what it posted below. I am grateful to my friendly Istanbullu for providing all the bits that I didn't know (which was most of the bits!).



1-1: hepyek
2-2: dubara
3-3: düse
4-4: dörtcar
5-5: dübeş
6-6: düşeş

4-3 : caar-ı se
4-2 : caar-ı dü
4-1 : caar-ı yek
4 : caar
5-4 : penc caar

6-6 düşeş
6-5 şeş beş
6-4 şeş car
6-3 şeş se
6-2 şeşi dü
6-1 şeşi yek

5-5 dübeş
5-4 pencü car
5-3 pencü se
5-2 pencü dü
5-1 pencü yek

4-4 dört car
4-3 carü se
4-2 carü dü
4-1 carü yek

3-2 sebai dü
3-1 se yek

2-2 dubara
2-1 düyek

1-1 hep yek

I shall be impressed by anyone who can identify what is going on here. One clue: people (mostly men) in Turkey use these terms, but the words themselves are (mostly) not Turkish.


d~ said...

Poor dear befuddled Jake. It's a shame you have to ask other people what your own posts are about. There, there.

The Phnom Penh said...

If it weren't for that 7, I'd guess that these are the names of dice throws in tavla. I learned to play tavla as a kid in Turkey, but I don't remember being taught names for the throws.

Old Scrote said...

Phnom Penh, I guess that 7 is meant to be a 6-1. And you are right, they are what Turks use when they play tavla (backgammon). I played tavla a few times in Turkey, but never did well - they play so fast!

d~ It is always a joy to see you online! Goodness, I have missed you, and so have many others who love you.

Anonymous said...

There is a story about TAVLA and how it was invented. It is said that the Indian Emperor sent a letter to the Persian shah (king) with chess game. It was written on the letter that;

Who thinks more,
Who knows better,
Who foresees the future better,
is the one who wins,
That is life!

The Persian shah ordered his vizier (concultant) to invent a game. The vezier Büzür Merih invented TAVLA in 10 days. And the message sent to the Indian Emperor with TAVLA was that:

Yes, Who thinks more,
Who knows better,
Who foresees the future better,
is the one who wins,

your istanbullu friend !

Anonymous said...

This is persian pronounces of the numbers and number combinations. They are imported to Turkey in middle ages with tavla game from persia.

Thats all i know.
Hello from istanbul =)