Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That nice Mr Blair

That nice Mr Blair has just landed two great jobs as an "adviser". First with JP Morgan Chase at about £500,000 a year; and second with Zurich, a Swiss firm, also at £500,000. The article in today's Times where I read this was just a tad snide, but I want you - and that nice Mr Blair - to know that I do not begrudge him one penny.
It's heartening that a local boy from the underprivileged NorthEast has made good. It's even more heartening for me that he and I are alumni of the same Oxford college. Sadly, he was after my time, so never knew me, except by reputation, based on my addition of an indelible stain to the front door of the President's Lodgings. Werl, it's fame of a kind.

Anyway, I want Mr B to know that if he needs me, he can call on me. Anytime. I am not THAT busy with barn owls. What is more, I will settle for a mere tenth of what he is earning with JP Morgan Chase and Zurich.
But if he doesn't, he'd better watch out. I can be a demon with the wax and the pins.

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