Friday, October 10, 2008

Anything about?

Birding is a funny business. Or maybe it's that I am a funny birder. Recently, we had a really RARE vagrant, and a spectacular one, turn up near where I live: a Glossy Ibis. I didn't go to see it, but everyone else and his brother and sister did.
And then yesterday, I received a text message to tell me that there was a Whinchat (see pic) on the nearby fen. Whinchats only pass through, and are not rare at all, though we are lucky to get more than a handful of records in this neck of the woods. I jumped into my Land Rover and was there within three minutes.
Yes, I am a funny birder, funny peculiar, that is. But I really like Whinchats - they are small and pretty and feisty, whereas I am not particularly moved by Glossy Ibises (Ibides?), birds which look vaguely prehistoric, like sawn-off descendants of the Archaeopteryx.

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