Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Book!

This pic of the cover of the Oriole book is taken from the website, from which we gather that we can expect publication early in the New Year. Of course, we have had no news about this from our blessed editor, who operates a system known as Mushroom Management - keep them in the dark and pour shit over them every so often.
Paul and I agreed at the outset that his name should come first - he is the doyen of the whole Golden Oriole research project in the UK, but true to form, our editor has got it wrong. We hope they will rectify it before it's too late.
Apart from that little glitch, I think you will agree that it's a very attractive cover. And the Amazon write-up is nice too. Click HERE if you want to read it.
And now, if you will excuse me, in anticipation of the first royalty cheque, I am going out to buy a large packet of Walker's Crisps and a small bottle of Murphy's Stout. Reckless, or what?!

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