Friday, October 03, 2008

Heroes, while there's still time

OK.OK. it's time to spill the beans, it's time to come clean, it's time to set the record straight, it's time to cut the crap, it's time to tell it like it is. It's time to turn mother's picture to the wall, and face the truth.
This isn't easy for me, so please be kind.
I had a hard on for Margaret Thatcher.
Oh God, confession really IS good for the soul!
Thanks to her, I can shop at most hours of the day. Thanks to her, I never run out of booze. Thanks to her, my electricity doesn't go down because the miners want another 3p an hour, or whatever. Thanks to her, I have a choice about the suppliers of most of my basic necessities: electricity, gas, telephone, water....
Also, she was the sexiext Prime Minister we ever had, and that includes Benjamin Disraeli, who by all accounts was very dark and curly.
And now the poor woman is dying of a degenerative disease - Alzheimer's, I think - and I am sad about that. Bugger.

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