Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watch out for the real bastards

Whatever I write in this blog, you, my good friends, can read it. The same is no longer true for our friends in Turkey, where the government has imposed an embargo on a whole suite of websites, including blogspot, u-tube and many others***. China and other repressive regimes like North Korea and Saudi Arabia have been doing this for years, but we turn a blind eye to it for all sorts of convenient geopolitical reasaons.
But Turkey, for God's sake, is an applicant for membership of the EU. I think this latest move on the part of the Fundamentalist Islamic Government of Turkey exposes their hypocrisy: they pay lip service to membership of the EU, but their true agenda is to break the power of the military in Turkey, which is traditionally the guardian of Ataturkism, ie, the secular state.
By all means rail at the political leaders you don't like, Gordon Brown, George Bush, Sarkozy, whoever, but when you have to decide which side of the barricades you are on, think carefully where you place yourself. There are some real BASTARDS out there that you wouldn't want to associate yourself with.
""" Don't take my word for it. Check out THIS site and THIS one.

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