Saturday, October 04, 2008

Trellis struggles with inversion

Mrs T does get confused sometimes. No, make that "often".
Dear Mrs Scrote, she writes, thank you so much for publishing that photo of your three grandchildren, and also of your ex-wife, though I am slightly confused, you being a woman too, but I suppose that sort of thing is no longer frowned upon in these libertarian days. My husband, the late Mr Trellis, had something of an obsession with lebisans, or whatever you call them, and once or twice tried to get me involved with Mrs Parry at Number 25, not that I had the slightest interest, her being C of E and me a Primitive Methodist. Also, I never trust anything Greek, I mean, what's in taramasalata, etc?
Anyway, clearly you are a happy woman, even if you are disgusting, but I have a forgiving nature, so if you are ever in Llanfairpg, do pop in and I will make you an omelette.

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