Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mrs Trellis enters the fray

Dear Mr McCain, she writes, forgive me, I had no idea you were also a prodigal writer of books, I thought you were just one of those politicians who spends his time trying to look pretty on TV. I am so glad to read that you have written a book on Pink Bras, was it?, and I am sure that your running mate, Sarah Palin, the one with the huge mouth, made a valuable contribution to it, when she had time off from shooting black bears, etc.
Mr Trellis, my late husband, had literal pretensions too, bless him, but being obscure and Welsh, ie very short, he never really rose to the occasion, apart from one poem that made a hit at the 1982 Eisteddfod. Here it is, in case you would like to use it in your campaign to become Queen of the Untied States:

Mae gen i iâr sy'n hedfan

Yn gyflym fel y gwynt,

Mae gen i sgidiau rhedeg
A gostiodd chwe chan punt.

Mae gen i gôt sy'n sychu

Yng nghanol storom law,

Mae gen i frawd sy'n gallu

Lladd teigr ag un llaw.

Mae gen i beiriant adref

y'n chwarae mil CD,

Mae gen i gi
Sydd nawr yn gant a thri.
Mae gen i gath sy'n nofio, A hynny rownd y byd...
Mae gen i feddwl hefyd

Sy'n gelwydd noeth i gyd!

It's a real giggle, isn't it, specially that naughty bit in line six?!
With best wishes, etc, Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow

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