Friday, October 10, 2008

When I wor nubbut a lad

I can remember when I wor nobbut a lad having to listen to old codgers in the village telling how much better things were in their young day: the bread, the beer, the weather, the girls, how much fun you could get out of 6d, old money.....
And now that I have achieved codgerdom myself, I am casting round for young lads whom I can assail with the fact that things were much better in my young day.
Listen young'uns, I can remember when the sun shone at least four times during July, when it only took you two hours to make the three-mile journey to Wellington, when the girls would smile and then totally ignore you, and when you could buy a pint of beer, a packet of crisps and 20 Woodbines and still have change out of a fifty-pound note.

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