Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bad Egg

I bet you never visited the village of Egg. Even less likely that you went to Bad Egg. We lived in Egg in 1963-4 when I took the job in Zurich, and it's a pretty little village about 25 Km south-east of the city, at the end of the Forchbahn, the train-cum-tram that takes you into the city in 20 minutes. Bad = bath, ie, spa, in German, but it was still a joy to see the sign to Bad Egg.
We arrived there in early autumn, and by the time we had settled in, were thinking about our social life, which began with buying tickets for the village pantomime, a piece called 's Tapfere Schnyderli (the brave tailor). If you are used to Hochdeutsch, Swiss German can be disconcerting. Anyway, we sat through it uncomprehending, but cheered when everyone else did, and I can tell you that "s isch a plausch g'sy", ie, we had a good time.
But, a word of warning. If you speak High German to the Swiss, they don't really like it. And if you speak Schwitzerduetsch, they think you are taking the piss. So, better to stick to English. But, then, isn't that true of the whole planet?
As to why we didn't stay, well, I think I have already told you about the knicker-thief from Glattbrugg...

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